Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and Happy New Year!  I pray that each of you get to spend time this year with the ones you love, doing the things you love, and doing things out of love.  My Mammow used to say "Always take the time to smile at someone, help someone who needs it, and to say I love you!"   Wise words from a wise woman who I miss so very much.

Happy New Year!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

I hope that each and every one of you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  I hope the holidays are filled with love and laughter, good food and good company.  Stay safe and enjoy yourself, wherever the holidays may find you. 

Merry Christmas!!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy 100th!!!!!!!

I just wanted to say "Happy Birthday" to my two grand-aunts (my paternal grandfather's sisters)...  They are identical twins who turned !!!!100!!!!  today!   Although they've had some problems recently, they are still "sharp as tacks" as my Mammow used to say.  :-) 

Can you imagine being born prematurely in 1910, weighing less than 2 pounds each, being fed raw egg and honey from a handkerchief dipped in the mixture, sleeping in a shoe box near the wood stove, and living to be 100??  They have had relatively few health problems, are extremely intelligent, and are wonderful Christian women who've spent their lives helping others.  They are truly an inspiration to treat each day as a gift and to help someone every chance you get.

I love you Hon and Dodi!!  You are my heroes!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Little One!!

Ten years ago today, I received one of the two greatest blessings in my life.  My beautiful little girl was born - head full of dark hair, big gorgeous blue eyes, long fingers and toes, perfect little round head.  She was and still is the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen, and I am truly blessed to have her as my daughter. 

Her birth was - much like her brother's twelve years before - a very difficult one.  She was almost six weeks premature, the cord was wrapped around her tiny neck, and she was as blue as a Smurf.  She did not cry for eleven minutes, and as I waited for those first sounds I could not believe that history was repeating itself.  But finally I heard a little whimper and the doctor looked at me and smiled.  As soon as it was safe, he put her in my arms, and she instantly stole my heart.

We stayed in the hospital for several days... after the initial trauma, she did amazingly well and spent much of her time in my room.  She was in an incubator, but I could get her out and hold her, and I talked to her whenever she was awake.  The head nurse at the hospital's nursery had been there forever, and she told me that she'd never met a baby she couldn't "handle".  Well about the third day of our stay, this nurse came to get her for a bath.  I took advantage of the time and had one myself, as well.  I was just getting back into bed when I heard a baby crying it's heart out, and this nurse comes in, wheeling my Little One ahead of her.  "I can't do ANY thing with her!   She won't stop crying!"   She was more than making up for her first few moments of silence!!   I picked her up and snuggled her against me, and she stopped instantly.  "She just wanted her Mommy!"  I told the nurse.  Let me tell you... she was NOT a happy lady!  Finally, a baby she couldn't comfort!   I couldn't help but laugh.    From Day One, my Little One has marched to her own beat and wanted one person - her Mommy - and that is just fine with me!  :-)

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl.  I love you with ALL my heart and I am SO very glad that God chose me to be your Mommy!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sad days continue....

I wrote in yesterday's blog about some sad and troubling things that have recently occurred in the RVing community.  As I began to read blogs today, I found out that two members of this community, Bruce and Margie, were senselessly struck down and killed in California yesterday.  What a horrible tragedy for their family and friends, and yet another loss for the RVing world.

My thoughts and prayers are with their family and friends as they try to make sense of a senseless situation.   May God comfort them as only He can.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sad days in the RVing world...

So much heartache in the wonderful RV community right now............ 

My heart goes out to Mr. George on the death of his son - I cannot imagine what he is going through and hope that he knows that he is in the prayers of many, many people.    He is trying to take care of his son's estate and deal with his grief, and I feel privileged that he is sharing his struggles with his readers through his blog.  I pray that he finds peace and solace in his life again. 

Another favorite blogger - Bob - has a brother who had a terrible motorcycle accident and faces a very long, difficult recovery.  Bob is trying to take care of things for his brother, plus visiting with him, handling all the details involved, advocating for him, and keeping everyone updated.   Sounds like a wonderful brother to me. 

Over at a site which I visit often, there has been upheaval about the site owner's decision to request donations... I read many forums and blogs, and quite a few of them have a donation button or request readers to click on ads or make purchases at a "store"...  Helping to offset costs of keeping up a site from which we benefit seems entirely reasonable to me. 

This forum/website is one of the best I've visited, with both the moderators and most of the members acting in a friendly, helpful, accepting way, perhaps disagreeing on certain subjects, but doing so with grace and dignity.  In the past few days, some of the contributions have been somewhat hostile, and I just hope that the basic dynamics of the site do not change, because I truly enjoy visiting there and have learned SO much from the owners and other members.  I am grateful to H & L for all the hard work they've done to maintain their site. 

WHY is it that so many people allow the relative anonymity of the Internet to obscure their judgement?   *Some* people would be hateful, spiteful, and mean no matter what, but I believe that most of the aggressive posts I've read at various times would NEVER  be stated in such a way if it were a face-to-face situation.    We would all do well to remember that although you don't see them, there are PEOPLE involved in these communications.   We do NOT have the right to correct their grammar or spelling, to insist that they do things as we would, nor to be vindictive when we do not agree with their point-of-view. 

The owners of these websites and blogs have a right to express themselves in any way they wish, post any pictures they wish, discuss whatever happens to interest them, and moderate comments posted on their sites.  If you don't like what someone has to say...  GO AWAY!!!  I've read blogs where I found something offensive and I just didn't go back - but I certainly didn't write to them and flame them for their choices, pretending to be the Internet Police.   I exercised MY choice to not revisit their sites! 

Life is precious and we should spend our time in positive pursuits.   Tell the people you love how you feel.  If someone has helped you in some way, say thank you.  Do what you can to help someone who needs it.   Let each person you meet along the way know that they matter because they are a human being.   My favorite quote is "Yesterday is History.  Tomorrow is a Mystery.  But Today is a Gift.  That is why it is called the Present."    Let's not waste it....

Friday, October 8, 2010

One down....

... and ??? to go!  I had my first "Downsizing So That I Will Have  Only What I Need When I Go Fulltiming" yard sale today!  Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!  And I am SOOOOOOOOOO  tiward, as my Little One used to say!  The bed is already calling my name and it isn't even 8 o'clock yet!  Been a long time since 5 am though, so I doubt I will resist much longer!

I know it is a teeny-tiny-baby step, but all day long, each time something left my yard, I couldn't wipe the big ole smile off my face....  "Baby steps first, baby steps first" (to quote Bob in "What About Bob?")  If you haven't seen it and you like Bill Murray at his funniest, watch it.  Love it!

Anywaaaay....  I'm excited and hoping this is the first in a long line of steps toward freedom!!!! 

And now I'm going to bed.  :-)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm sore, but moving - I have no choice!

There is too much to do!  No yard sale for me this weekend.....  The Big One has been sick... basically all month!  He has allergies year round that are at their worst in the fall.   The allergies lead to a sinus infection, which has now become bronchitis.   He has been really sick!  Now, the Little One is sick, too - stuffy head, sore throat, low-grade fever...  Ahhh... nothing like both children being sick at once, is there?

I am recovering from "taking the fall" the other day.  Thank you to everyone who has sent me a comment or an email... I appreciate it more than you know!  I believe I bruised some ribs during my tumble - it hurts to take a very deep breath and certain ways I move.  I feel sure that nothing is broken, but it is pretty sore.  My right arm - shoulder to wrist - is still achy, too.  But my back?  The reason I went for the walk in the first place?  Feels great!  Guess I popped back in whatever was "popped out" and making it hurt.  Strange, but true! 

Well the Little One is asking for peach sherbet and I am about to make homemade chicken noodle soup - the cure-all for sniffles and scratchy throats, so I will close.

Thanks again for your concern and commiserations...  there's nothing like taking a tumble to bring you back down to earth (literally and figuratively) and remind you that you are human!  Here's hoping I'll be able to have that yard sale NEXT weekend - maybe everyone will be healthy and sniffle-free!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yep, it is *fall* for sure!

Yesterday, the Little One and I decided to go for a walk.  My lower back has been bothering me and I knew that a nice long walk would loosen it up.  The weather has turned cool - it barely made 70 yesterday.  Last Monday, it was 99!  So off we went around the neighborhood.

We always look at nature here in the 'burbs - watch for butterflies and birds, look at the trees and flowers.  We stopped to admire (again) a huge old Live Oak and were discussing how old it is and the things which were going on when it was a little sprout - spontaneous history and science lesson, you know. 

On the next block, there is a small but beautiful mulberry tree, very structural and already in its fall regalia.  As we were walking toward it, I told LO to be careful, because the sidewalks are not in the best of shape in that area - many cracked and broken places, with many seams that "buck up" and are just right to catch toes of the unaware.

Well... the words were no sooner out of my mouth than... BAM!  Caught the toe on my right foot and stumbled forward... as I was falling - you know this always happens in slow motion - I got my left foot under me, then stumbled forward on my right, thinking I could "catch" myself.... but no.  No such luck.  I FELL forward and - somehow - the old, old manuever that was drilled into us in volleyball and basketball practice in high school kicked in, and I rolled onto my shoulder and landed juuuust to the side of the walk, in the grass.  If I hadn't I would have landed face-first on the concrete. 

Little One was screaming and I was trying to calm her down while checking to see if anything was broken.  Took me a couple of minutes to get up - I am 5'10" and not a small girl, so I hit hard!  LO was crying and asking if I was going to die... she'd never seen her MOM fall before!  I was finally able to get up and limp the 4 blocks or so home.  As we were walking, I felt a pain in my left foot, near my toes, and discovered that somehow a stick had gone between my shoe and foot and jabbed an inch long wound into my foot - only about a 1/8 inch from a large vein in my toe. 

Got home, washed off, changed out of my dirty, grass-stained, been-rolling-around-on-the-ground clothes, doctored the foot, and chilled.   This morning, I feel as though I have been run over by a small bus, but thankfully I have no major injuries.  Except to my pride!

LO asked me if I thought anyone saw me fall, and I told her that I have no idea, but if they did, they sure didn't come out to check on me.  I would have run out had I seen someone take a tumble like that in front of our home, but that is just me.  I guess I will have to assume that no one saw me.  And I kind of like it that way!  Why is it that falling is so embarrassing to us, when it happens to us all at one time or another, and is in no way our fault? 

I plan to try to walk again today - got to get right back in the saddle!  But you can bet I'll be watching for that sinister sidewalk to jump up and take me down, and warning LO to do the same.  :-)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Birthday E!

Happy Birthday to my "bouncing baby boy"!   I can't believe that it has been 22 years since my life changed forever...  what a blessing you have been.  When I think about that tiny, helpless baby that I held in my arms so many years ago, and then look at the 6'5" strong, capable young man you have become... I am completely amazed.   I am so honored that God chose me to be your mother. 

I hope that you have a wonderful day, and that you know just how much you are loved.

Happy Birthday, Son!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quick update on my aunt for those of you who have emailed me and posted comments (which I appreciate more than you know, by the way!). She was able to begin her physical therapy again on Monday, and we were very excited to learn that she did not lose too much flexibility in her knee - certainly not as much as the therapist had feared she would. He is being very encouraging and feels she will "catch up" very quickly. Her gallbladder is "quiet" right now - no more nausea - so she is able to do her exercises and also eat well, to keep up her strength. We are very encouraged by her progress and are so grateful that the blood clots were detected and treated before doing major damage.

It continues to be horribly hot here in AL... I think the heat index is like 179 today :-)!! Cabin fever has officially begun, so we are thinking about visiting the splash pad tomorrow. Most of them around here close when school starts back, but we have one (the largest and also the only "free" one) that still operates daily. I am so ready to be able to enjoy being out-of-doors again when the weather cools off... should be about mid-November, I'm guessing. LOL

I am waiting for the weather to cool a little to have my 1st "Mega-Huge Move-It-Outta Here Cos I'm Leaving Town Garage Sale". It has to be less than 90 in the shade before I will even consider it! I will be SOOOO glad to get the garage cleaned out, and what little I am keeping organized. I'm at a stand-still right now... I've done all I can in the house, and working in the garage is just NOT an option! It is on the west end of the house and catches full afternoon sun... too hot for me! I know it will take more than one sale, but I am ready to "get going"!

Hope you have a great day, and that you "stay cool"! :-)

Monday, August 9, 2010

"We Don't Have To Go Back To School Today!" Day

Well today was our "We Don't Have To Go Back To School Today!" Day - 14th one in a row for me - different children of course, since my Little One is only 9! She got to choose what she wanted to do (I voted for Florida, but the budget vetoed THAT idea! :-). We went to breakfast, then to the Dollar Tree and a couple of thrift stores (love those!), then to Chuck E. Cheese's (quite possibly her favorite place in the world besides Disney World!), then to Sweet Pepper's Deli for a slice of their Chocolate Eruption cheesecake... mmmm. Good stuff! I'm exhausted! And full.... lol

Everywhere we went, she was asked why she wasn't in school today. It became a little amusing. I let her answer, and she does very well. People almost always comment on how mature she is and how well-spoken. I don't tell them that she has her moments! She IS 9 after all... :-) But she is very poised for her age.

We are still melting here in AL... the high was 99 today with 109 as the heat index. 82% humidity. Will summer EVER end?? I am so hoping that next year we will be in a cool spot for July... I wouldn't even mind needing a sweater!!

Usually in the summertime, she gets bored enough to want to complete some workbooks in her spare time. This year that hasn't happened. She is a busy bee, full of stories and drawings and ideas. We have read several books this summer. Sometimes she wants me to read aloud, other times she doesn't. We've been covering Geography in great detail as we plan our dream life and travels. When I read about an interesting place in one of the many blogs I follow, I will mention it to her and see if she wants to explore it a little - we Google it, look at maps, check the local libraries to see what interesting info we can locate. We have a REALLY long list of things to see now, and we add to it almost every day! Maybe I need to stop reading blogs for a while. Or just keep my mouth shut! :-)

As I lay awake in bed this morning, I thought about all the children in our area who were having to get up and get ready for school, many of them for the first time. I remembered how I hated for summer to end - I disliked school very, very much - and I dreaded the long months ahead. I cannot even imagine what it is like now, with all the competition and judgements that occur... I went to a small county school (K - 12), and we all had basically the same things as far as clothes were concerned, and no had "gadgets" to speak of! We had a "Pong" game (remember those?) which made me somewhat famous in the 3rd or 4th grade, but that was about it!! :-)

I looked at my Little One sleeping peacefully in her bed, totally unconcerned about anything except having fun today, and I was so very grateful. Grateful that I had the courage to make the decisions I have made. That I have had the strength to continue. That I have been blessed with my children, and that they are bright and happy and inquisitive, making being their mentor/facilitator/teacher such a complete delight. Thank You, God for all the Blessings which You have rained down on me. I am truly undeserving, but ever so grateful.

I hope that you all feel as blessed as I do right now... :-)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Well, the Little One and I are gearing up for our "We Don't Have to Go Back to School Today!!" Day. The local systems are beginning classes on the 9th of August (seems as though it gets earlier every year!) and we are trying to decide what we want to do to commemorate it. Chuck E. Cheese's is always high on the LO's list (although not-so-much on mine! :-) A few years ago, we were in Florida... mmmm... THAT would be nice! But no-such-luck this year. :-(

As is usual with us, we will keep schooling through these horribly hot days here in NW AL. Since the humidity level most days is at about 150%, we stay indoors or in water as much as possible! We will (as usual) take a nice long break this fall, and again next Spring to enjoy the 3 weeks of good weather at that time! :-)

Please keep my Aunt S in your prayers. She had knee replacement surgery 3 weeks ago, and had a terrible reaction to the pain medication she received. She spent a week in the hospital, then a week in rehab but could not complete her therapy because she was so nauseated. She decided to go home, spent a week there, and is now back in the hospital. Blood clots have formed - several have already traveled to her lungs and she is on medication to help with that. They also tested her gall bladder and found several stones, so she must have surgery as soon as she is able. Having surgery while taking blood thinner can be very dangerous. I have spent the last 3 weeks helping them all I can. We thought she would go home today, but they are keeping her at least one more day. She and my uncle have no children, and we are the closest (geographically) relatives. She has really been through an ordeal. The knee replacement went very well and if she'd been able to complete the physical therapy, she would be in very good shape right now. Just proves that nothing is "routine" when it comes to surgery! They are precious people who I love dearly, and my uncle (who has health issues also) is so worried about her. And she is worried about him being worried about her. I'm just trying to be supportive, and am glad that I am well enough to help out. Thanks for your prayers!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Proud of our Men and Women...

Oh boy... Two posts in one day!

Wanted to relate something I witnessed yesterday. I went down to our local small engine repair place - my riding mower threw a belt and I need to have it repaired - which is a very busy place right now. I waited in line for about 15 minutes, and was kept amused by the two older gentlemen in line in front of me. They knew everyone in the place, were laughing and joking with all of us, and one of them had the most wonderful, mellow baritone voice... I could have listened to him all day! He reminded me very much of one of my favorite singers, Percy Sledge, who was born and raised in our area... Any way, they finished their business and then it was my turn. I spoke briefly with the owner, set up an appointment, and walked outside.

The two older gentlemen were (of course!) talking with someone outside, and about to get into their pickup. As I was coming out, I saw a young man coming across the parking lot. He was on crutches, and I could see that he had a prosthetic on each leg, from just above the knee, and one arm from just below the shoulder. He appeared to be about 25 and was wearing a tee-shirt advertising a local Veterans fundraiser.

The older gentleman with the wonderful voice got back out of his truck and approached the young man. "Are you (so-and-so's) boy?", he asked the young man. "Yes sir, I am", he answered. The older man just wrapped his arms around this thin young man and hugged him, and I heard him say "Thank you, son, for what you have given up for our freedom." The young man said "It was my duty, sir." The sight of this young man whose life has been forever changed by an obvious stint in the military brought tears to my eyes, and I saw that the older gentleman was weeping openly. I smiled and nodded to them both as I walked by, and saw that the older gentleman walked with the younger one and opened the door for him.

I don't know how this brave young man was walking on crutches with 3 artificial limbs, but he was. He parked out on the street, not in a "handicapped" parking place, and made his way across the lot in 90 degrees + humidity. He is a local boy who apparently fought for his country and has come home. Although he paid a very high price, I know his family is so very grateful that he is home.

Since I didn't get to post a Memorial Day message (due to the DSL problems), I have really been thinking about our military and the sacrifices they have and do make. My Daddy and Pappow were proud members of the US Army, and I thank God for the men and women who - at this VERY minute - are making sacrifices to keep us safe in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. We are the free, and they are the very, very Brave. God Bless Them and their families. I hope that each and every Veteran has someone who will wrap their arms around them, and with tears on their face, and true gratitude in their heart, say "Thank you for what you have done!"

Long, hot summer...

I am FINALLY back online! AT&T has taken almost a month (!!!!) to get my DSL back up and running consistently... it's been a loooong month! I sure have missed reading blogs and doing research. But I did get a taste of using "hotspots" for WiFi, as many RVers do on the road... me no-likey! lol Will sure have to get a new battery for this laptop, I can tell you that!

Since the weather has turned hot and humid, K and I are filling our days with outside activities in the cool of the morning, schoolwork mid-day, and playing in the wading pool in the afternoon. Ahhhh.... Summertime in Alabama... Sure was hoping to be on the road by now, but I guess we will deal with another hot and humid season. We really enjoyed our 2 weeks (:-) of Spring and the beautiful weather that brought!

As for school... we "school" all summer. Actually we "school" ALL the time, but since it is so hot here in AL in the summertime, we take advantage of being indoors and do a little bookwork. We take long breaks with the good weather - fall and spring - and stay out and about most of the time, and school when it is too hot or cold to enjoy being outside. Although we are Lifeschoolers, this summer we've decided to concentrate on Math using a textbook (gasp!:-)... Math is her least favorite subject (and mine too... ssshhh, don't tell her!), so it should be interesting. :-)

She is still writing stories and is in a couple of reading programs at the local libraries - although she doesn't really need the encouragement! Of course, learning takes place everywhere, all the time. Science is never-ending with her (she loves it), and history is all around us.

We've just discovered a brochure for a local history car/walking tour that we plan to do soon. Well... we will do the car part of it, anyway!! lol We have Trolley Tours here in town every Tuesday, and plan to take part in that soon, which will be fun. And the festival season is cranking up! We love it...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Clicking along...

"Here comes the sun da da da da"... I think... I hope... wait a minute... Nope. "It was just my imagination!!" Would whoever stole the sun PLEASE bring it back... we all miss it very much.

I am recovering from the flu. Still nursing the hip. Thanks to everyone who has sent me a note to see how I am doing - I love you guys! I am now back to cleaning out closets and drawers and crooks and nannies. Have to be very careful to not move the "wrong" way and also to rest often! My recent "episode" has pushed our schedule back a little, but we'll get there. And in the mean time, getting rid of stuff is so liberating!!

To help you understand what I am "up against" in this cleaning out and downsizing operation, I must paint you a picture of our situation. We have a large 2 car garage which is packed full -- side-to-side, front-to-back, and almost to the 20 foot ceiling, with STUFF. There is a little path I've maintained to weave our way through. Our lawn mower clings tenaciously to a tiny spot in the very front. The patio furniture stayed out during the wonderful Alabama winter we had. The folding lawn chairs are in the trunk of my car. And nope, our cars have never even SEEN the inside of this place which they thought was designed just for them. They also got to experience the wonderful winter weather!

Now before you accuse me of being the ultimate packrat, let me explain... There are 3... yes I said 3... households crammed in this 1900 sq house. My mom, who is 72 years young, moved in with us 3 years ago when I was very sick which I appreciate more than she will ever know. But with her came her "stuff"...

She had already moved from her home of many years to an apartment, which made her go through and get rid of many things, but you wouldn't believe what she had squeezed into that 1 bdrm apt!! Of course she had things stored at my house too (including her out-of-season clothes), in case she "needed" them. So when she moved in with us, we had 2 of everything - I'm sure you can imagine. She looked at it as a temporary thing, and so didn't want to get rid of anything. That has been 3 years and one move ago...

Add to all this the fact that we've saved things over the years for my now 21 yos. That boy could move out tomorrow and only have to buy groceries! Finding the things that are "his" would be tricky, but it's out there. Plus, he is an electronics junkie -- I have no idea how many mixing boards, computers, stereos, etc are in my garage.

He finds junk and brings it home with a big ole smile on his face, as excited as a little boy who has found a lost puppy, and repairs it and takes parts from this to make that... His talent is truly incredible, but if any of you have someone like this in your family, you know just how much STUFF they have. He is in for a rude awakening when he does move out and all his little toys have to go with him!! The only thing I can think of that could be worse would be someone who works on cars and has junk cars everywhere. Not that uncommon here in Alabama, actually!

Anyway... as I said, we basically have 3 households of stuff in one home, plus all the toys my 9 yod has. She is a stuffed toy collector, and currently has well over 500... I stopped counting when we hit the big 5-0-0! She loves them, each one has a name and a personality and a "history". I must say she has done very well in sorting them for the Yard Sale... especially the ones which were mine (very few) or her brother's (more - my Mom never threw anything away!)... wonder why it is easier to get rid of things that aren't yours?? lol

I am being ruthless in my purging of stuff, but am having to go through ALL the stuff to find my stuff to purge! Add to it that each time I delete something, my mom or my son are like... "I might need that"... Sheesh! But when we hit the road, what I leave will be up to them to dispose of! (Insert evil little laugh here!)

I have to say that sorting through the beautiful little clothes that were my daughters just breaks my heart. Knowing a) what I paid for them (and what I'll have to sell them for!) :-P and b) that she is growing up and not my "little one" any more just tears my heart out! I can just see her in each little outfit as I place it in the Yard Sale boxes... (sniffle, sniffle)

On the homeschooling front, she has been in a "workbook" phase. While I was hurt, she would bring her books and pencil to my bed and would do page after page. We also played lots of games, which she loves. She takes the workbooks by "spells" as my Mammow would have said, and will work industriously until she finishes a book. Then she may not pick up another for a while. That is the beauty of Lifeschooling... allowing your child to do what she wants typically results in more and better "outcome" than forcing her to do that in which she is not interested. At least that is our experience - it was the same with my son!

OK... more cleaning, purging, sorting and stacking! "I think I'm going to Katmandu!" :-P

Have a great day! :-)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow, Hips, Horses, and a Sweetie-pie

Warning... this post has nothing to do with homeschooling or RVing! :-).............Well, we woke up to several inches of snow the other morning, with large flakes floating down... that was a surprise! I loved watching it fall - the silence was so peaceful. The Little One HAD to get out and play in it, of course, and built two mini-snowmen, harassed the cat, and had a snowball fight with a tree (she won). By late afternoon, it had all melted away. She wasn't very happy, but that was my kind of snow... it fell, she played, it melted. No problems!

I have been "under the weather" for the past several days... I dislocated my hip (again) and am in quite a bit of pain. It is an old injury that recurs occasionally... it happened so often years ago that my doctor finally showed me how to get the joint back into the socket... a very painful and so-not-pretty move, but it does the trick. The muscles, tendons, and ligaments get stretched and displaced though, which is what causes the lingering pain. In a few more days, I hope to be back to "normal". It would help if I could take pain medication, but my liver damage from the Lupus makes that a no-no. It just isn't worth it.

When I was 5 years old, we were riding horses at a local farm in south Georgia. I showed very early talent and was riding on my own by this time. I loved it - had dreams of competing! This particular Saturday afternoon, I was not riding my "usual" pony which was a little Welch named Lady... someone else had her out, so I was on a Shetland named Cookie. Anyone who knows horses knows that Shetlands can be finicky. We were out by the lake, and she was being very uncooperative. I guess she could sense the coming storm.

Suddenly, a loud clap of thunder shook the air and Cookie responded in kind. She went straight up, came down hard and broke into a gallop. When she came down, I lost my left stirrup and clicked my teeth together so hard that I am surprised there were any left. The force of her landing sent me sideways in the saddle. When she began to run, I was doing the only thing I could - holding on for dear life! She bucked once more, and sent me flying, only I didn't have time to kick out of the right stirrup... she drug me a couple of hundred feet before I could finally get free. I can still see the ground coming up to meet me with each and every bounce, and certainly remember how much it hurt! Thank goodness it was thick grass. If it had been hard packed dirt, the results would have been much worse.

The pain in my right hip was the worst, because my leg was twisted around. I ended up with a hurt hip, sprained arms, black eyes, bloody nose, and a terrible headache. For some reason which I cannot explain, my parents didn't take me to the ER... they took me home and cleaned me up and put me to bed. I guess they just didn't think I was hurt that badly. I was very sore and limped for quite a while with terrible pain in my hip. Probably had a slight concussion too, with the horrible headaches I had.... Hmmm.. that could explain a lot... :-)

The first time I re-injured my hip as an adult, they took x-rays and the doctor asked if it had ever been broken. I told him the story and he said that I had several hairline fractures that had not healed well, and that the the top of the hip-flexor was gone. That is why it "slips out" from time-to-time. I know my parents regretted not taking me to the doctor, but I guess they just didn't think I was hurt that badly. I'm looking at hip replacement surgery someday, that's for sure!

So, here it is almost Valentines Day and I've done nothing to prepare. The Little One LOVES a party, and we have to celebrate each and every holiday in the proper fashion. She wants a heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie-cake, with writing on it in red frosting. :-) So I've got to find a way to limp to the store to get the proper ingredients! She gave her grandmother some money yesterday to buy me a red rose, because she knows how much I love them.   She couldn't wait and just had to give it to me - isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever heard?? She is my little Sweetie-Pie. Mean as a snake and totally monkey-fied some days, but still so very precious to me.

I hope you all have someone precious to celebrate V-day with. Be sure to tell the people you love exactly how you feel!

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Times They Are A-Changing...

Well, I am not doing so well on the bloggy thing... I was posting a comment on a friend's blog and realized how long it has been since I've worked on my own. Shame on me! :-)

Things have shifted and priorities have changed a little. I am still Homeschooling Solo, and will continue to as long as the good Lord allows it. But we are trying to set off on another journey, one I think will be filled with excitement and good times! And hard work, and problems, but we'll deal with those.

We are looking for an older RV that we can 1) afford, 2) refurbish, and 3) take out on the road! We plan to be Roadschoolers!! The Little One is SO excited... she would leave tomorrow! The Big One won't be going with us - they seem to get their own lives somehow, when we aren't looking, although I know that is the way it should be and I am happy for him. I do hope he will tag along or visit from time-to-time. He has the wandering spirit like I always have, so maybe he will. Or he may go off on his own adventures... Who knows? But right now, it looks as though Mom will be the one leaving the nest first! Wonder if I remember how to fly????

I am trying to find a way to earn a living on the road, so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know! I am looking at workamping options, but so many of them seem like quite a few hours just for a FHU site... Most of them also want a couple. A couple of whats, I wonder?? :-)... I need to earn enough to keep us and the rig fed, warm, and dry. Working out of the RV would be great, if I can pull that off. I need something that allows me to have the Little One with me... wouldn't be comfortable leaving her in the RV alone. She is only 9.

Anywaaaay... I will try to post here more often... not sure anyone is interested in the meanderings of a single, homeschooling, hoping-to-be-on-the-road soon, likes-to-talk-too-much mom... I wonder if there are others out there??? Oooh... that is a scary thought! :-)