Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Long, hot summer...

I am FINALLY back online! AT&T has taken almost a month (!!!!) to get my DSL back up and running consistently... it's been a loooong month! I sure have missed reading blogs and doing research. But I did get a taste of using "hotspots" for WiFi, as many RVers do on the road... me no-likey! lol Will sure have to get a new battery for this laptop, I can tell you that!

Since the weather has turned hot and humid, K and I are filling our days with outside activities in the cool of the morning, schoolwork mid-day, and playing in the wading pool in the afternoon. Ahhhh.... Summertime in Alabama... Sure was hoping to be on the road by now, but I guess we will deal with another hot and humid season. We really enjoyed our 2 weeks (:-) of Spring and the beautiful weather that brought!

As for school... we "school" all summer. Actually we "school" ALL the time, but since it is so hot here in AL in the summertime, we take advantage of being indoors and do a little bookwork. We take long breaks with the good weather - fall and spring - and stay out and about most of the time, and school when it is too hot or cold to enjoy being outside. Although we are Lifeschoolers, this summer we've decided to concentrate on Math using a textbook (gasp!:-)... Math is her least favorite subject (and mine too... ssshhh, don't tell her!), so it should be interesting. :-)

She is still writing stories and is in a couple of reading programs at the local libraries - although she doesn't really need the encouragement! Of course, learning takes place everywhere, all the time. Science is never-ending with her (she loves it), and history is all around us.

We've just discovered a brochure for a local history car/walking tour that we plan to do soon. Well... we will do the car part of it, anyway!! lol We have Trolley Tours here in town every Tuesday, and plan to take part in that soon, which will be fun. And the festival season is cranking up! We love it...

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