Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quick update on my aunt for those of you who have emailed me and posted comments (which I appreciate more than you know, by the way!). She was able to begin her physical therapy again on Monday, and we were very excited to learn that she did not lose too much flexibility in her knee - certainly not as much as the therapist had feared she would. He is being very encouraging and feels she will "catch up" very quickly. Her gallbladder is "quiet" right now - no more nausea - so she is able to do her exercises and also eat well, to keep up her strength. We are very encouraged by her progress and are so grateful that the blood clots were detected and treated before doing major damage.

It continues to be horribly hot here in AL... I think the heat index is like 179 today :-)!! Cabin fever has officially begun, so we are thinking about visiting the splash pad tomorrow. Most of them around here close when school starts back, but we have one (the largest and also the only "free" one) that still operates daily. I am so ready to be able to enjoy being out-of-doors again when the weather cools off... should be about mid-November, I'm guessing. LOL

I am waiting for the weather to cool a little to have my 1st "Mega-Huge Move-It-Outta Here Cos I'm Leaving Town Garage Sale". It has to be less than 90 in the shade before I will even consider it! I will be SOOOO glad to get the garage cleaned out, and what little I am keeping organized. I'm at a stand-still right now... I've done all I can in the house, and working in the garage is just NOT an option! It is on the west end of the house and catches full afternoon sun... too hot for me! I know it will take more than one sale, but I am ready to "get going"!

Hope you have a great day, and that you "stay cool"! :-)

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