Monday, August 9, 2010

"We Don't Have To Go Back To School Today!" Day

Well today was our "We Don't Have To Go Back To School Today!" Day - 14th one in a row for me - different children of course, since my Little One is only 9! She got to choose what she wanted to do (I voted for Florida, but the budget vetoed THAT idea! :-). We went to breakfast, then to the Dollar Tree and a couple of thrift stores (love those!), then to Chuck E. Cheese's (quite possibly her favorite place in the world besides Disney World!), then to Sweet Pepper's Deli for a slice of their Chocolate Eruption cheesecake... mmmm. Good stuff! I'm exhausted! And full.... lol

Everywhere we went, she was asked why she wasn't in school today. It became a little amusing. I let her answer, and she does very well. People almost always comment on how mature she is and how well-spoken. I don't tell them that she has her moments! She IS 9 after all... :-) But she is very poised for her age.

We are still melting here in AL... the high was 99 today with 109 as the heat index. 82% humidity. Will summer EVER end?? I am so hoping that next year we will be in a cool spot for July... I wouldn't even mind needing a sweater!!

Usually in the summertime, she gets bored enough to want to complete some workbooks in her spare time. This year that hasn't happened. She is a busy bee, full of stories and drawings and ideas. We have read several books this summer. Sometimes she wants me to read aloud, other times she doesn't. We've been covering Geography in great detail as we plan our dream life and travels. When I read about an interesting place in one of the many blogs I follow, I will mention it to her and see if she wants to explore it a little - we Google it, look at maps, check the local libraries to see what interesting info we can locate. We have a REALLY long list of things to see now, and we add to it almost every day! Maybe I need to stop reading blogs for a while. Or just keep my mouth shut! :-)

As I lay awake in bed this morning, I thought about all the children in our area who were having to get up and get ready for school, many of them for the first time. I remembered how I hated for summer to end - I disliked school very, very much - and I dreaded the long months ahead. I cannot even imagine what it is like now, with all the competition and judgements that occur... I went to a small county school (K - 12), and we all had basically the same things as far as clothes were concerned, and no had "gadgets" to speak of! We had a "Pong" game (remember those?) which made me somewhat famous in the 3rd or 4th grade, but that was about it!! :-)

I looked at my Little One sleeping peacefully in her bed, totally unconcerned about anything except having fun today, and I was so very grateful. Grateful that I had the courage to make the decisions I have made. That I have had the strength to continue. That I have been blessed with my children, and that they are bright and happy and inquisitive, making being their mentor/facilitator/teacher such a complete delight. Thank You, God for all the Blessings which You have rained down on me. I am truly undeserving, but ever so grateful.

I hope that you all feel as blessed as I do right now... :-)

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