Thursday, July 29, 2010

Well, the Little One and I are gearing up for our "We Don't Have to Go Back to School Today!!" Day. The local systems are beginning classes on the 9th of August (seems as though it gets earlier every year!) and we are trying to decide what we want to do to commemorate it. Chuck E. Cheese's is always high on the LO's list (although not-so-much on mine! :-) A few years ago, we were in Florida... mmmm... THAT would be nice! But no-such-luck this year. :-(

As is usual with us, we will keep schooling through these horribly hot days here in NW AL. Since the humidity level most days is at about 150%, we stay indoors or in water as much as possible! We will (as usual) take a nice long break this fall, and again next Spring to enjoy the 3 weeks of good weather at that time! :-)

Please keep my Aunt S in your prayers. She had knee replacement surgery 3 weeks ago, and had a terrible reaction to the pain medication she received. She spent a week in the hospital, then a week in rehab but could not complete her therapy because she was so nauseated. She decided to go home, spent a week there, and is now back in the hospital. Blood clots have formed - several have already traveled to her lungs and she is on medication to help with that. They also tested her gall bladder and found several stones, so she must have surgery as soon as she is able. Having surgery while taking blood thinner can be very dangerous. I have spent the last 3 weeks helping them all I can. We thought she would go home today, but they are keeping her at least one more day. She and my uncle have no children, and we are the closest (geographically) relatives. She has really been through an ordeal. The knee replacement went very well and if she'd been able to complete the physical therapy, she would be in very good shape right now. Just proves that nothing is "routine" when it comes to surgery! They are precious people who I love dearly, and my uncle (who has health issues also) is so worried about her. And she is worried about him being worried about her. I'm just trying to be supportive, and am glad that I am well enough to help out. Thanks for your prayers!