Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm sore, but moving - I have no choice!

There is too much to do!  No yard sale for me this weekend.....  The Big One has been sick... basically all month!  He has allergies year round that are at their worst in the fall.   The allergies lead to a sinus infection, which has now become bronchitis.   He has been really sick!  Now, the Little One is sick, too - stuffy head, sore throat, low-grade fever...  Ahhh... nothing like both children being sick at once, is there?

I am recovering from "taking the fall" the other day.  Thank you to everyone who has sent me a comment or an email... I appreciate it more than you know!  I believe I bruised some ribs during my tumble - it hurts to take a very deep breath and certain ways I move.  I feel sure that nothing is broken, but it is pretty sore.  My right arm - shoulder to wrist - is still achy, too.  But my back?  The reason I went for the walk in the first place?  Feels great!  Guess I popped back in whatever was "popped out" and making it hurt.  Strange, but true! 

Well the Little One is asking for peach sherbet and I am about to make homemade chicken noodle soup - the cure-all for sniffles and scratchy throats, so I will close.

Thanks again for your concern and commiserations...  there's nothing like taking a tumble to bring you back down to earth (literally and figuratively) and remind you that you are human!  Here's hoping I'll be able to have that yard sale NEXT weekend - maybe everyone will be healthy and sniffle-free!!


Judy and Emma said...

Sorry about your troubles! Chicken soup is a good thing. Are you sure you didn't break a rib?

Kerri said...

Thanks Judy! The chicken soup was very good. Little One ate 3 bowls. The Big One heard a rumor that there were veggies involved, so he abstained. He is such a carnivore...

I am 99.9% sure I didn't break anything, but thank you so much for your concern!

Little One was up and down last night on the fever roller coaster. She finally got a few hours of sleep. I *think* I got about 2 hours of shuteye. I'll be ready for a nap later!