Monday, February 8, 2010

The Times They Are A-Changing...

Well, I am not doing so well on the bloggy thing... I was posting a comment on a friend's blog and realized how long it has been since I've worked on my own. Shame on me! :-)

Things have shifted and priorities have changed a little. I am still Homeschooling Solo, and will continue to as long as the good Lord allows it. But we are trying to set off on another journey, one I think will be filled with excitement and good times! And hard work, and problems, but we'll deal with those.

We are looking for an older RV that we can 1) afford, 2) refurbish, and 3) take out on the road! We plan to be Roadschoolers!! The Little One is SO excited... she would leave tomorrow! The Big One won't be going with us - they seem to get their own lives somehow, when we aren't looking, although I know that is the way it should be and I am happy for him. I do hope he will tag along or visit from time-to-time. He has the wandering spirit like I always have, so maybe he will. Or he may go off on his own adventures... Who knows? But right now, it looks as though Mom will be the one leaving the nest first! Wonder if I remember how to fly????

I am trying to find a way to earn a living on the road, so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know! I am looking at workamping options, but so many of them seem like quite a few hours just for a FHU site... Most of them also want a couple. A couple of whats, I wonder?? :-)... I need to earn enough to keep us and the rig fed, warm, and dry. Working out of the RV would be great, if I can pull that off. I need something that allows me to have the Little One with me... wouldn't be comfortable leaving her in the RV alone. She is only 9.

Anywaaaay... I will try to post here more often... not sure anyone is interested in the meanderings of a single, homeschooling, hoping-to-be-on-the-road soon, likes-to-talk-too-much mom... I wonder if there are others out there??? Oooh... that is a scary thought! :-)

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Deb said...

Quite adventureous!! I know that if God is leading you to it, He'll make the way for it to happen!! I am SO glad that you are feeling better and that traveling could be an option for you now!
Not sure what 'workamping options' are.....