Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Today is my birthday... I am 21 again.  Not sure how that happens every year, but I'll take it!  ;-)  I had planned to be on a road trip this week to Atlanta with the Little One (she has Six Flags tickets that are burning a hole in pocket) but that didn't work out.  Now we will wait until some time after the 4th.  It seems odd that I am on the downhill side of 50 now.   I still *feel* 21.  Wish I looked it!  :-P

I haven't posted yet about Poco... I bought a little Class C RV about 3 months ago.  She is a 1989 Austen Skyline.  She's in very, very good condition - 56K miles, runs great, interior in amazing shape.  I did have a solenoid to go bad, and since it was... well... *me*... trying to diagnose it,  it took me a little while to discover the problem.  But with some help from a friend and some great guys at both Good Old RVs and a Ford forum, I got-er-done. 

We are doing quite a few cosmetic changes -  painted and put up some paintable wall paper.  Adjusted the bed platform to assist with floor space and storage.  Covering up all the (in excellent condition) blue and mauve fabric.   We're having fun with our little projects, although some are more "fun" than others.

We can't wait to hit the road.  Hope that we see you all somewhere soon, so we can say "Benvenuti a la nostra poco casa!"