Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Proud of our Men and Women...

Oh boy... Two posts in one day!

Wanted to relate something I witnessed yesterday. I went down to our local small engine repair place - my riding mower threw a belt and I need to have it repaired - which is a very busy place right now. I waited in line for about 15 minutes, and was kept amused by the two older gentlemen in line in front of me. They knew everyone in the place, were laughing and joking with all of us, and one of them had the most wonderful, mellow baritone voice... I could have listened to him all day! He reminded me very much of one of my favorite singers, Percy Sledge, who was born and raised in our area... Any way, they finished their business and then it was my turn. I spoke briefly with the owner, set up an appointment, and walked outside.

The two older gentlemen were (of course!) talking with someone outside, and about to get into their pickup. As I was coming out, I saw a young man coming across the parking lot. He was on crutches, and I could see that he had a prosthetic on each leg, from just above the knee, and one arm from just below the shoulder. He appeared to be about 25 and was wearing a tee-shirt advertising a local Veterans fundraiser.

The older gentleman with the wonderful voice got back out of his truck and approached the young man. "Are you (so-and-so's) boy?", he asked the young man. "Yes sir, I am", he answered. The older man just wrapped his arms around this thin young man and hugged him, and I heard him say "Thank you, son, for what you have given up for our freedom." The young man said "It was my duty, sir." The sight of this young man whose life has been forever changed by an obvious stint in the military brought tears to my eyes, and I saw that the older gentleman was weeping openly. I smiled and nodded to them both as I walked by, and saw that the older gentleman walked with the younger one and opened the door for him.

I don't know how this brave young man was walking on crutches with 3 artificial limbs, but he was. He parked out on the street, not in a "handicapped" parking place, and made his way across the lot in 90 degrees + humidity. He is a local boy who apparently fought for his country and has come home. Although he paid a very high price, I know his family is so very grateful that he is home.

Since I didn't get to post a Memorial Day message (due to the DSL problems), I have really been thinking about our military and the sacrifices they have and do make. My Daddy and Pappow were proud members of the US Army, and I thank God for the men and women who - at this VERY minute - are making sacrifices to keep us safe in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. We are the free, and they are the very, very Brave. God Bless Them and their families. I hope that each and every Veteran has someone who will wrap their arms around them, and with tears on their face, and true gratitude in their heart, say "Thank you for what you have done!"


Judy and Emma said...

What a moving post! It brought tears to my eyes, too. All three of my kids have served our country, but luckily have not suffered physically. (so far)

Thanks for following my blog. I'm so sorry for mispelling your name in my post the other day. :(

Kerri said...

Thank you Judy! Love your blog, and Emma is precious! We have a little rescue dog - Mustang Sally - who is a Boston/Jack Russell mix, and also a beautiful little long-haired kitty we rescued named Shadow.
Please don't worry about the mispelling - I have been called much worse!! ;-) LOL... Looking forward to more posts from you!