Friday, November 9, 2012

Well, I gave it a month.   A little more than a month, actually.   In early October, I decided to add the CAPTCHA function back to my blog because I was averaging 3 - 5 (sometimes more) attempted spam postings each day.  Since I added it back, I have not received a single one.  I call that successful!   Sure wish spammers would find something better and more productive to do with their time and energy.   But since they won't, at least the CAPTCHA feature ensures that I don't have to see it!

On a more enjoyable note, I have been busy with birthdays - my son's in September, my mother's in October, and my daughter's in November - she just turned 12 and I am still in shock!!! - so we party for three months straight!  Now it is time to plan for Thanksgiving, and I began my Christmas shopping today.  Along with all that, I am steadily working on our little rig, doing the things I can right now, and trying to find a way to do the others (or the money to pay someone to do them!)    :-)   We are praying that we get to hit the road right after the first of the year!