Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another new follower!!

Thanks to my newest follower, Lynilu for taking the time to follow my blog!  I may have to pay Judy a commission for sending so many nice people my way!!  :-)  I am so excited to have new readers.  I have not gotten in the habit of posting every day (my life is too boring for anyone to actually want to read about it!) but I LOVE reading everyone's blogs and am honored that you've chosen to follow mine.

Stay safe...

Kerri in AL  :-)


Jim and Sandie said...

Any single Mom who is homeschooling her kids and trying to stay sane at the same time does not have a boring life. You have an amazing life and are a wonderful women. Always remember that.

Lynilu said...

It's what I love about Bloggerville .... all the new friends!

Judy and Emma said...

I have to warn you that my commission is pretty steep! If I get up to your neck of the woods, I'd like a tour of the must see things in the area. :)

Luci & Loree said...

Blogging is great to not feel so alone & leave some 'tracks' that you were there. My goodness, enjoyed your story of the tornado 40 years ago, what a thing to go thru!
I was surprised by Alabama, would never have thought it had all those pine trees and hills, don't know what i was expecting :)

Kerri said...

@Jim and Sandie - You are correct, life gets "interesting" at times! Thank you so much for the kind words. This is our 14th year of homeschooling, so hopefully I'm beginning to figure out what I'm doing. :-) Seems as soon as I learn the rules, someone changes the game though!!

@Lynilu - I know... isn't it fun??!! So many cool people around! :-)

@Judy - I was afraid of that! Alas, we must pay the price for expertise. :-)... I would be honored to show you around when you are in the area!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerri :)
I loved reading about how you are thinking about becoming Full time Rvers.
My husband also has a injury that has made him disabled so I feel for your situtaion health wize ((hugs))
We are also thinking about buying a RV and full timing it as well...
Big change thou so still wondering how we will do it .....
I would love to read how the Rv life works for you when you start..I am wondering how a family is going to handle less then 300 sqf ..
anyways just wanted to say hi!

Btw my name is keri too lol :)
A Sahm
~~Loving homeschooling in Florida~~

Kerri said...

Hi Keri! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! So sorry to hear about your husband's accident. I hope he is doing well.

IMHO, is one of the best sites to gather information. Howard and Linda have built a wonderful community of very friendly and helpful people. Any and all of the bloggers who I *follow* are also AMAZING sources of information. You can also do a Google search to find tons of info!

Would love to hear from you again! Drop me an email if you'd like to talk more.