Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No, No, NO More Snow!!!

Welcome to my newest followers Craig and Karin! (I have GOT to learn how to do links in my posts!  AND post pictures!) I just discovered their blogs and really enjoyed reading about their first year as FTers! Thanks for becoming followers of my blog!

I am thinking of changing the name of my blog.  Although I would love to have lots of homeschooler/roadschoolers "following" me, I also hope to be writing about FT RVing soon, plus lots of other subjects.   I feel that some people see the title and feel they couldn't possibly find anything of interest here.   How about "... And the Kitchen Sink"??  You know, as in "they brought everything AND the kitchen sink".  My Mammow used to say that all the time when one of us grandkids would be dragging stuff around with us!   :-).......  Or how about "A Little Bit of Everything". Or "No, There Is Nothing Interesing Here But I'm Bored"  :-)...  I don't know..............  Something will smack me in the forehead soon, I'm sure!

MORE ???!!!****### snow is predicted for us tonight and tomorrow. You know -----  I live in A-L-A-B-A-M-A.  It is NOT supposed to snow this much here! It is supposed to snow ONCE a year so we can watch it fall and all the kids (both big and little:-) can play in it and build a little snowman and have a snowball fight and we can make snow cream. Then it is supposed to MELT AND GO AWAY!!   I guess the weatherman didn't get the memo...... I pray that we are on the road next winter so we (hopefully) won't have to deal with this. Of course, if I leave, Alabama will have 60 degree sunny days with NO snow all winter!! :-)  And southern Florida or Texas or Arizona or wherever we happen to be will have the coldest winter in history...  I have such *good* luck.   (BIG grin)

Thank you to everyone who left a comment the other day.  I truly do love reading your blogs! 

@ Judy... I am in NW Alabama in The Shoals area, so I'm about 380 miles away.  Let me know if you head further north at any point... would love to meet you!

@ Froggi Donna...  Your blog STILL helps me.  I love reading about the adventures you and your handsome hubby and sweet puppy have...  You seem so happy together!

@ Randy and Pam...  You're welcome!  I am trying to write more often on this thing, but *life* gets in the way sometimes.  Since I'm not on the road, I doubt anyone is very interested in my boring life here!!  ;-)

@ Mike... You are very welcome and I truly meant them.  I really hope that I get to meet you and Heidi "down the road" someday! 

Hope you are all warm and dry!  January is almost over!!  Yea!

Stay safe......

Kerri in AL  :-)


Judy and Emma said...

The old saying I knew was Everything BUT the kitchen sink! :)

Kerri said...

I've always heard it that way too, but Mammow always said "and" to point out just HOW much we carried around! We took the sink, too. Never knew when we might need it!... lol

Donna aka Froggi said...

Kerri, links and photos are easy with blogger.

1) Links: use your mouse to highlight the words you want to link. Click the word LINK in the toolbar. Type or copy the URL you want to link to. You can click the button to test the link or just click OK.

2. Images: Put the cursor on the line where you want the photo. Click the little PICTURE on the toolbar. Click CHOOSE FILES and browse to the image you want to you. Be sure there is a dark border around the image and choose ADD SELECTED (click the image to select it...that places the border on it). Now you will have the choice to center it, put it on the left or right and chance the size.

Hope this helps...best way is to create a test entry...play with it and PREVIEW it to see how it all works.