Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Thank You!" to my followers...

I have decided to steal an idea from Randy and Pam Warner (Roadrunner Chronicles) and thank each of my followers as they arrive.  While I am sure other bloggers acknowledge newcomers, Randy and Pam were the first ones which I noticed doing it.  I just thought it was so very nice of them to say hello to the new additions that I decided to do it, too!

Since I have some "catch-up" to do, I thought I would thank my current followers now.  If you are reading this and not a follower, I would love to add your name to my list! 

So....  Thank You to Deb, Intense Lives, Heidi, Randy and Pam, Judy and Emma, Tonya, Freely Living Life, Sheri, Visionquest, Wild Blue Yonder, and Froggi Donna. 

Deb at One Single Minute has been a good friend for many years.  We met when she began homeschooling her children and soon felt like old friends.  She and her husband have a wonderful marriage and have done an amazing job raising two great young people. 

I must relate that when I began researching the RV lifestyle, Froggi Donna's blogs were some of the first I discovered.  She answered so many questions for me, questions which I didn't even know enough to ask!!  She is an amazingly strong lady who persevered through heart-break and came out triumphantly on the other side. 

Judy of Travels with Emma is an inspiration to everyone who reads her blog, and I look forward to her posts every day.  She has a seemingly unending amount of knowledge about most subjects in general, and birding in particular, and shoots breathtaking photographs!

Randy and Pam (Roadrunner Chronicles) are wonderful people who enjoy each other and life to the fullest.  Their family has had it's share of heartache too, but they have been an inspiration to their readers throughout it all.  We *almost* got to meet when they were in Red Bay, AL having some work done at Tiffin.  It was definitely my loss.   Maybe next time, guys!

Tonya at Live the Adventure  is a wonderful homeschooling mom who writes with honesty and candor about their adventures.  She and her family have experienced life in a S&Bs in Ohio, hotel rooms around the country, their RV, and now back to a S&Bs here in AL.  Thought you were getting away from snow and cold weather, didn't you??  ;-)

Heidi (Vansteaders) and her sweet husband Mike (Visionquest) are my go-to blogs for innovative and creative ideas for renovations and for delicious food!   Keep those recipes coming, Heidi!  And yes, the stir-fry was amazing!   You and I must be soul-sisters...  :-)

I would love to read Wild Blue Yonder's blog.  If you'll send me an invitation, I would be happy to become a follower!  ;-)

Sheri at SmittysInfo is the mom of six beautiful children and an inspiration to all of us who are roadschoolers (or wannabees!:-).   I really enjoy reading her posts about her family's adventures.

Freely Living Life has wonderful posts about their adventures, written in a warm and pleasant way, supplemented with beautiful photographs!  I love reading about families who are experiencing the full-time lifestyle.

I have lost my link to Intense Lives, so if you are reading this, please get me back on track!  I am sure that it is something I did... :-)

I so look forward to meeting as many of you as I can someday.  Until then I hope you stay safe, happy, and content.    Thanks again!

Kerri in AL  :-)


Judy and Emma said...

Thanks for the accolades, Kerri! :) How far is Biloxi from where you live?

Donna aka Froggi said...

Kerri, I'm so glad to have found your blog. I'm enjoying it and know I will continue to do so. Glad mine helped you in early days...lately it seems more of my old followers have found me again. LOL!

Randy and Pam Warner said...

Thanks for the nice words. Enjoy your blog!

~~Mike~~ said...

Thanks for the sweet words Kerri! Was really nice to read :) I always liked the idea of welcoming new followers too. I see people do it and always think I need to do something similar too. I always try to put some significant twist on how I do stuff, but I think this is one case I should just get to it!

We seem to read many of the same blogs too though I think I just found a few new ones! Thanks for that!

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