Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow, snow, go away...

... DON'T come back another day!  I live in A-L-A-B-A-M-A.  What is up with this???  Bama fans are saying that it is hell freezing over because Auburn won the National Championship.  I won't go there, although I do consider myself a Bama fan all the way... :-)

We had about 8 inches of snow where we live.  Other areas here in The Shoals had from 7 - 12.  I know that is not a lot to those of you in/from the North, but here it is a MAJOR deal!!  We just aren't equipped to deal with it.  We still have about 6 inches in most places in our yard.  The streets are slowly clearing up, which is good.  The Little One has played in the snow and built snowmen until she is tired of it.  Hasn't even asked to go out today!  Which is good, since the temp is 22 and the wind chill is 12!!  Brrrrrr....  I looked at the national map a few minutes ago and it is chilly, cold, or downright frigid almost everywhere!!!  I am picturing all of the wonderful people who are RVing out there with their rigs circled up like covered wagons in the half-dozen or so warm spots in the country!!  Hope I am there with you next year...

So.... yeah.  It is cold.  That is about all that is happening here.  I am VERY thankful that we didn't lose electricity, water, nor DSL.  I am shocked and amazed that we didn't lose DSL (see earlier posts :-) but very grateful!  It kind of comes and goes, but as long as it comes back, I can deal with it.  Plenty of food in the kitchen.  Everyone safe and sound.   Just wish it was warmer! 

The dog (who lives outside) is in the laundry room, making a mess.  She is SO funny when I let her out... she has no desire whatsoever to get out in that white stuff, but she has to "go" so she goes.   But Miss-Usually-Sniffs-Everything-In-Her-Path wastes NO time getting back in the house!  

I watched a squirrel skate across the yard yesterday, and it was as though he is thinking "ifIjustdon'ttouchthegroundmaybeI'llbeallright"!!!  He was moving-on and wasted no time going up the first available tree.   Didn't look like he even left a mark in the snow!

So cabin fever has definitely set in... We've watched movies and played games.  Cooked and eaten too much food.  Read books and cleaned house.  Surfed the 'net and chilled out.  I'm ready to get out and about.  Take a long walk.  Go out to eat.  Go for a drive.  I might even enjoy a Walmart visit....  Nah, I'm not THAT desperate!  :-)

Hope everyone is warm, safe, and dry...

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