Wednesday, June 8, 2011

OK... must be my turn for Blogger problems.  I cannot post a comment on anyone's blog.  When I select my Google account to post a comment, it sends me to the sign-in screen, although I am already signed in.  Then when it takes me back to the comment section on their blog and I hit the post button, it sends me right back to the sign-in screen again.  It will do this over and over again.  This has been going on for a couple of weeks and I had hoped it was just a Blogger boo-boo which would right itself soon, but no-such-luck.  Anyone have any ideas??

So to everyone who has posted anything in the past couple of weeks :-)  I have really enjoyed your blogs and had lots and lots of amazing, witty, and intelligent things to say about each and every one of them  :-), but have not been able to post many comments.  One or two have slipped through, but that is all.    I will try to see if I can find a solution soon.

The following is a comment for Jeana at "Four Windows with a View" that I tried to post in response to her welcome to me.  I sure hope you read this!

Hi Jeana!

Thank you for the welcome... I'm afraid you may be bored by my blog, but I welcome you to stop by anyway and become a follower if you'd like. :-) I have been terrible about posting, and rarely stay on homeschooling subjects, but I do occasionally post something that I feel needs to be said!

We are indeed unschoolers and while it is not for everyone, we love our lives and my children are happy, intelligent, questioning (sometimes they question TOO much!!:-) individuals who are very independent and kind. Can't ask for more than that as a parent... They are also aggravating, frustrating and annoying at times... but then aren't we all? LOL

I enjoy your blog. Love Olivia! Looking forward to reading about your adventures and hoping to join all of you "out there" soon.

LOVE the picture of the hummer on its nest. Precious!

It has been near 100 and dry yet humid here in the South... Wish I could send you some sunshine and you could send us a little rain and cooler temps! Have a great day...

Kerri in AL :-)


Jim and Sandie said...

I know nothing about computers and I haven't had much trouble with blogger so I can't off you any advise on that. Do you follow Rick's blog? He's very very very good with technical computer questions. You might want to give him a holler. His blog is:

Good to hear from you. Know you're busy and it's hard to write everyday. Been at least a week since I posted anything - guess I should do something about that. So just post whenever and we'll be here to read.

Donna aka Froggi said...

Kerri, it's an ongoing issue. The only fail-safe way is to use Chrome to read and comment on blogs. That is what I have resorted to. Sign...

Kerri said...

Hi Sandie... I will definitely check out Rick's blog... Thank you for the suggestion! I am really enjoying the posts about your travels, just can't comment and tell you so! :-)

Hi Donna... I'm not familiar with Chrome... will have to research that and see if I can go that route. Thanks so much for the advice! :-)