Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!!

My Daddy was a big man in every way.  Tall, large-boned, heavy-set, brilliant, with the biggest heart in the world.   Any time I had problems - which seemed all too often for one so young - he was there with assistance in any form needed.  Although at times I bucked against the advice he was giving me, he had an annoying way of being right about so many things, and would readily admit when he was wrong.  Although he was definitely not perfect - and never tried to pretend that he was - he was a wonderful person and a great Daddy.

Daddy has been gone for over 14 years now.  He died the day after Christmas 1996, and I don't think a day has gone by since that I haven't thought about him and wished that he were still here.  He was a wonderful Granddaddy to my son, who was 8 when Daddy died.  My little girl never got to know him - she was born almost 4 years later.   She is the only girl in her generation and Daddy would have spoiled her rotten!  She has no contact with her father or his family, so she has really missed out on a positive male role model, which worries me very much.   Every girl deserves to be Daddy's Girl.

I would give almost anything to see my Daddy again.  To hear his voice, even if I didn't want to listen to what he was saying!  To hug him and feel his strong arms around me, reminding me that as long as he was around, I was safe.  I don't think I've truly felt safe since he went into a coma a week before he died, and wonder if I ever will. 

How I wish that my children had a father like I had.   All I can do is love them and let them know how special they are, regardless of someone elses choices.  

To every man out there who has stepped up and done the right thing by his children, grandchildren, step-children - whenever and how ever a child has come into his life - to the man who takes his responsibilities seriously and loves and protects his family - you are an amazing human being!  I pray that each and every one of the great dads out there got an extra hug and kiss today, and got to hear "I love you" from the hearts of those for who they have provided an example of how a REAL man lives.    Happy Father's Day to each of you!

I want to say "Hello" and "Welcome" to my newest follower, Four Windows with a View.  Thank you!  I really enjoy your blog and I am looking forward to following you on your adventures! 

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