Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Word verification

Well...... I tried to post on this blog without having word verification in place.  I understand that many people do not like it, and that many have trouble reading the "words" which are required to comment .   I gave it several months and tried everything I could to block spam.  But I am sick to death of spam messages filling up my inbox and having to go in and manually delete all the junk that shows up on here.  So I am going back to word verification.  It has never bothered me to have to use it to comment on someone else's blog, and since very few people read my blog and even fewer comment, I have decided to make things easier and more agreeable for me.   To anyone who does not wish to comment since I've reinstated it, I apologize for any inconvenience and understand.  But my daughter is often standing beside me and looking over my shoulder when I am on the computer, and I will not expose her to the filth which has been coming into my inbox.    I must do what is best for us.


Jim and Sandie said...

I will continue to read and comment regardless. So keep posting.

Judy and Emma said...

I can understand your reasoning.

Kerri said...

Thank you Sandie and Judy! So sweet of you both. I was not even sure that I made the changes correctly, what with me being me and all. :-)............Yesterday I was just a little frustrated because I had 17!!!! ugly links to junk sites. I refuse to use the P*** word, because I don't want their phising programs to pick up on it. It does seem to me that people would have much better things to do with their time than put trash up on the Internet!!