Monday, December 26, 2011

Missing my Daddy...

Fifteen years ago tonight, my Daddy passed away at the age of 58.  My life was changed forever that night and I have often wondered if he knew what an effect his passing would have on us, and on so many other people.  My son was just a little boy and my daughter was not yet born when Daddy died.   He would be so proud of the things his oldest grandson has accomplished and the man he has become, and he would have spoiled his only granddaughter more than she already is... she would be his little princess!

Take time to tell the people that you love exactly how you feel.  You never know when you may lose them.   Daddy knew that he was my hero and how very much I loved him, but I'm not certain he realized what a void he would leave behind after he was gone.  I miss him every single day, and so often I wish that I could lean on him or ask for his wisdom and guidance.  He was the most intelligent, most kind, most gentle person I've ever known.   

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Jim and Sandie said...

I was so blessed to have my father around for so many years. He was 90 when he died. Doesn't mean I miss him any less though. And Jim's Dad was only in his 50's when he died. I do know that your Dad is watching over you and his grandkids and is very proud of them and and of your accomplishments.