Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who is your hero?

After we got back from church today, I sat down to check my email. I was reading some of the "top" news stories on AOL, when I noticed a report about the American people and our "heroes". This poll was conducted by a well-known research company, and was done in a random fashion, as most polls are done.

Do you have ANY idea what the majority of individuals - when asked "Who is your hero/who do you admire most?" - said in response? The number one answer was ........... Obama.............. And guess where Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, was on that list?? ............ Number 11. Yes, that is correct................ Now, I am not here to debate whether Obama will be a good President or bad.... whether he is a good man, or a bad one.... I'm not going to get political at all. I just think it is a shame and disgrace that the American people - as represented by a sampling - chose a man who very few people had even heard of a year or two ago as their "hero". Now maybe he will do great things while in office. Maybe not. That remains to be seen. But the fact remains that as of now, he's done relatively little, in part simply because he's only been in office for a month!

Now look at what Jesus has done for us..... How many others have died just for you? Who else can forgive your sins? Who else loves you unconditionally as He does? Now I know that there are many in our country who are either atheists or hold other beliefs. But time and again, in other polls conducted at various times, the MAJORITY of Americans have stated that they believe there is a God, and that Jesus did come to live here on earth and was crucified. That tells me that there are many here in our country are believers, if not Christians. So WHY would there be so few who see Jesus as the ultimate hero?

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